June 29, 2016

Can Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Harm Your Dog and Cat?

While it is true that some chemicals can harm your pet, you can ask your carpet cleaning company upfront what type of chemicals they use. Many professional companies are using natural and non-toxic solutions to clean with. Steam cleaning is also a great choice for many people. You want to be sure to hire a company that knows what they are doing and that can assure that their carpet cleaning solutions will not harm your dogs or cats.

Dangerous Chemicals
In the past, carpet cleaning solutions left behind fumes that could damage your pet’s lungs. These chemicals were not safe to breathe in right after the cleaning process and some lingered for a long time after the process was complete. The vapors left behind were not good for people either. Some harsh chemicals left behind from the cleaning process also irritated many pet’s skin. Be sure to ask your carpet cleaning professional if their products will be safe for pets before you hire them to clean your carpets.

Safe Products
Safe and natural cleaning solutions will not leave behind any type of dangerous fumes or sticky residues that could be harmful to your animals. When you work with a company that uses natural cleaning solutions, you can have peace of mind that your carpets will be cleaned well without risking the health of your pet. Many natural products are Eco-friendly as well.

Steam Cleaning
You may be interested in steam cleaning when it comes time to clean your carpets. This process is not as dangerous as using harsh chemicals on your flooring. You can feel good about steam cleaning your flooring, and this process will get rid of dust, dirt, and other allergens in your home. Your pets will be able to walk on your carpets easily after they have dried. They will not have to breathe in harmful products or step on dangerous chemicals if your carpets have been steam cleaned. Instead, your carpets can look good and not be a hazard to the health of your dogs or cats.

By talking with a carpet cleaning company upfront, you can learn a lot of information pertaining to how they go about the cleaning process. Find out how safe the products they use are, and decide if you want your pets to be around them. There are many safe options available, so you do not have to settle for less.

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June 8, 2016

What is the Best Carpet for your Pet-Friendly Home?


Are you in need of looking for a new carpet for your pet-friendly home? If so, pet owners need to look for two main components when picking a carpet for their home with their pets: durability and the carpet’s resistance to stains. As we all know, our pets can have or create accidents and then there is the normal wear and tear the carpet receives daily due to high traffic.

Why is Carpeting a Better Choice?

Carpeting makes a good choice for households with pets because it offers a more comfortable living environment. In addition, carpet is a non-slip surface and provides safety for animals that are prone to slip on other types of flooring surfaces like hardwood or tile; furthermore, it is aesthetically pleasing for homes.

Carpeting Material

The fibers in carpets are typically created from natural fibers such as wool or sometimes they are made out of synthetic fibers such as, polyester or nylon.

While natural fibers, wool carpet specifically, are the softest and most luxurious in the case of aesthetics, it is quite costly and is not as stain-resistant as carpets made out of synthetic fibers.

Carpeting created with synthetic materials, like nylon, are cheaper, more durable, and stain-resistant which makes it the overall better choice for households that contain pets. There are two types of carpeting fibers that are cheaper than nylon and those are polyester and olefin, but they come with less durability in comparison.

A Carpet made just for Pets?

Yes! There are some carpets on the market that are created specifically with pets in mind. They are designed to prevent stains created by your pet from soaking into the deeper layers of the carpet’s padding – when moisture sits in these deeper layers, especially pet urine, it promotes the growth of bacteria and mold. Whenever you get your carpet installed, it is best to try and keep your carpet clean and dry to prevent this growth; although, everyone understands accidents happen, after cleaning make sure the area is well ventilated in order to completely dry the spot.

Some carpet patterns and colors hide pet hair more easily than others do, so you may want to consider this when looking for a carpet for your house. Also, choose a vacuum that is approved by the Green Label program, which can reduce the airborne dust and allergens by ninety-four percent. Get More Info:  Carpet Cleaning Anchorage

June 2, 2016

Combating Allergens in Your Home’s Carpets


The carpets in your home are an important part of your life. You play with your kids on them, your pets nap on them, you sink your toes into their plush fibers every morning. You expect a lot from your carpet. It needs to look good, smell good, and be low maintenance. A lot of modern carpets bill themselves as low maintenance and stain resistant, but that doesn’t stop dirt, dust, and allergens from making their way down through the fibers and into the weave of the carpet. Once particles have become embedded in the weave and fibers of your carpet, not even diligent home maintenance will remove them. That is why carpets need to be cleaned by a professional at least once a year. More info at a site that is about carpet cleaning broken arrow businesses.

Allergens can lurk in the fibers of carpets that appear clean. Walking across the room, playing on the floor with your kids or pets, and even vacuuming can stir up the dust and allergens enough to impact your home’s air quality. Because they are lower to the floor and spend so much time playing and laying on it, kids and pets are affected by the allergens and contaminants in carpets much more than adults. Not only are they more susceptible, but they are also more likely to introduce extra dirt, grime, and “oopses” than adults.

You can help keep your carpets in good shape with twice weekly vacuuming (more often in high traffic areas or if you have allergies) and careful spot cleaning, but eventually the grime that regular maintenance can’t pick up will build up. Your carpets will start getting dingy looking, musty smelling, and you may start noticing stuffy noses from low levels of allergens in your home’s air. A sure sign of the presence of household allergens is waking up to a stuffy nose and itchy eyes.

To prevent the buildup of allergens you need to schedule a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. If you have seasonal allergies, pets, or children talk to your carpet care technician about more frequent cleanings. An annual deep clean and one or two other lighter cleanings will go a long way towards keeping your carpets healthy. If you have seasonal allergies, make sure to schedule a cleaning for the end of allergy season. Don’t let your carpet hang onto all that pollen that made you miserable for the rest of the year.

February 4, 2016



Choosing the right mattress is not a task that should be done hastily and without thought. What seems like a simple choice could actually impact your life for years. The average human being spends 6-8 hours a night asleep on their mattress. How you sleep affects how your life will be the next day. If you have a lumpy excuse for a mattress, chances are you will spend your nights tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. By the time morning rolls around, you will be so tired and your back so stiff you won’t even want to face the day ahead of you. You will be grumpy toward your friends and your coworkers and wonder why you even bothered getting up that morning. Finding the right mattress is that important.

To find the right mattress, you should look through several before deciding on one. You should lay on them in the store and decide what is most comfortable for you. Name brands like Tempur-Pedic are great because you can choose the right amount of softness for you and your spouse if you have one. In the end what feels best on your back will be the best option. If you’re looking at cost, you can find a decently priced one for a fair amount of quality for only about three hundred dollars. You’ll want to talk to a salesman about any warranties, discounts, and the average lifespan for the mattress you are purchasing. Any sale you could find wouldn’t hurt especially when purchasing what would be an otherwise very expensive bed. Most importantly, just choose wisely and keep in the back of your mind that you will be sleeping on this purchase for possibly years to come.
If possible, you’ll want to select your new mattress from a retail store. You wouldn’t want to choose a quality mattress from a place like craigslist or a yard sale down the street. There is just too much risk involved with making a decision like that. There could be any number of sicknesses from anywhere in the world embedded in the fabric.

The last most important tip you can use when selecting a new mattress would be to not let anyone rush or force you into a decision. After all it is your money being spent and your sleep habits that will be affected for the next few years of your life. Decide what you like the most and stick with that decision. Just pick a color, choose a softness, and prepare to sleep like you haven’t in years.

January 5, 2016

8 tips for homeowners to help with choosing carpet for their homes


When choosing the carpeting you want in your home, there are some factors that you are going to really want to think about and consider, as the type of carpeting you use can have a big health impact on the people living in the residence, as well as the fact that different carpeting requires different amounts of work. You will also want to increase the aesthetic nature of your home by matching up colors, so here are some tips you should think about when selecting your carpeting.

Pick Best Carpet Length
If people that are living in the house have allergies, it is a good idea to get short carpet. Long carpeting will attract all sorts of debris, dusts, and allergens, which will stay in the carpet and periodically get kicked up, causing problems to some people with allergies.

Select Matching Colors
You will want to pick out colors that match with other things in the home. You can change the furniture and you can paint the walls, but chances are that your carpeting is here to stay, so you should keep this in mind.

Price is inevitably going to be a big factor, as there are varying degrees of material and styles, which cost differing amounts. You can talk to a local shop to figure out how to estimate the total square footage you will need for your home, which can give you ball park figures for various material prices.

You are going to want to select a type of carpeting that has gotten great reviews in terms of durability, as your carpeting will likely be in place for several decades.

Each material has a different feel, so you should take the samples that they have and test them out by walking on the samples like you would in your home.

If you are putting in good carpeting, you should be putting in good padding, as the padding is important. You can think of the padding as putting in a good foundation under a home.

Some carpeting is easier to clean than others, so this should be taken into deep consideration before you go out and make a purchase.  You should always have carpets cleaned every 6-12 months – sometimes more depending on how many people and animals are in and out of your home.

Always, always get a warranty if you can get one. Carpeting is supposed to last for a very long time, so getting an extended warranty just might save you if something goes wrong does

November 12, 2015

Six Tips to Help Regulate Air Quality and Carpeting


Air filters and vacuuming can be a great way to keep the carpets clean daily by may not be enough to get all the dust and bacteria off the ground leading to health risks. Carpets are often made with chemicals that impact health and cause skin redness, irritated eyes, fatigue, and occasionally difficulty breathing. There are some ways to help prevent diseases by holding clean air quality:

1) Air out carpet before installed:
Have the carpet fully unrolled outside or in a well ventilated room. This will release out any of the harmful chemicals or toxins hidden in the carpet. Then preparing them to be placed down in the house without any of those harmful health effects following along.

2) Research the volatile organic compound:
Each carpet is going to have a different amount of this chemical compound in different models. Emissions of each brand can have different effects so it is important to make note of that before buying. It is recommended to choose the low emission or green (environmental) carpet to result in less health risks.

3) Ask installers to use low emission adhesives when installing carpets. This is a much better way than most traditional methods. It is better to use adhesive tape than glue. Trying to remove the glue at any point in the future could be costly and hard to take apart. Glue gets people in a sticky situation.

4) Make sure that the carpets are installed properly according to set standards. Maybe have them evaluated often by professionals to ensure that there is no continuing health problems. Standards are set to protect the companies from legal troubles and consumers from health troubles. Those not set to standards may not be installed.

5) Get out of house during operation:
It is recommended to get out of the house during the carpet work and stay out shortly after the carpet operation so the chemicals and trash has a chance to be flushed out. During a house project such as a building down a carpet is going to leave behind a lot of trash and chemical waste that could harm the house life.

6) Keep Area well ventilated:
It is important to keep the house ventilated during the carpet fixing and after the process for a duration as time as well. This will keep the room fresh and destroy any harmful bacteria in the area that could otherwise harm house members.

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November 4, 2015

Which is Healthier For Your Home: Carpet or Hardwood Floors?

We know that with all of the daily stresses and topics of concern in daily life, your family’s health is the most important consideration. Which makes the decision of how best to cover your floors a question of worthwhile consideration. Carpet is a common household floor cover, and it helps to keep us warm in winter, prevents too much damage when a child jumps from a bed to the floor, and provides some cushioning under our feet as we walk through our homes. Yet carpet also requires constant cleaning, as mites, dust and other debris stay hidden in the carpet fibers, not warranting time spent cleaning but still there to be inhaled by our loved ones. And carpet can also cause rug burns, even as it cushions children’s knees as they push cars across the floor.

Hardwood floors, however, provide their own risks and rewards. The slick surface of hardwood makes it quite obvious when dust bunnies have collected, hidden behind doors or under sofas. It is easier to feel dirt under bare feet on hardwood than it is on carpet, and as a result, such bits of dust and debris are cleaned up faster, vacuumed away to keep little and big lungs clear. Yet for those who are too busy to clean all the time, those dust bunnies can cause a profound amount of angst. Seeing the dirty state of a home is no one’s ideal of a good time, and if you are a household with small children and no time for constant sweeping and vacuuming, hardwood floors might just add stress to your daily life. And we all know how harmful stress can be for both physical and mental well-being. Still, with children who cause spills, hardwood floors wipe up much easier than carpet, which can become stained with juice, paint and marker pens in no time. However, hardwood floors provide less cushion for a child who slips and falls, leading to bruises or worse. And then, Hardwood floors are colder in the winter, requiring heating – or constant sock wearing.

Really, the health factors relating to whether one should put hardwood floors or carpeting in their home relate to the myriad factors that make up a life. With children, carpet in bedrooms may make sense, with a steady vacuuming regiment in place, and hardwood floors in places with lots of spills may be an effective compromise.  More Info Here: Carpet Cleaning Lancaster Page

August 20, 2015

3 Home Health Benefits To Carpet Cleaning

There are many reasons why having your carpet cleaned by professionals is a good idea that will save you time and improve your quality of life. Regular cleanings by experts can refresh the appearance of your family’s home over and over again. It creates a healthier environment for your loved ones while saving you money in the long run. The entire home can be cleaned for a meager price compared to the benefits. A luxuriously clean carpet lay just within your reach, a phone call away. You deserve it.

Improved The Odor and Appearance of Your Home

Nothing says, “I care about my family,” like a freshly cleaned carpet does. Lightening up your carpet shade will brighten the entire room, cheering the environment substantiating. A dirty carpet can hold disgusting odors for years and years. Don’t be a slave to them any longer. Dirt and filth fall to the bottom of the carpet structure trapping debris and moisture. Steam technology breaks up the underlying debris, pet dander, filth, and mold. The machine sucks it up and out into a reservoir tank for easy disposal. A cleaned carpet will be guaranteed to smell better and look better. Carpet Cleaning in West Chester PA gives great examples of reasons to have carpets cleaned.

Improved Health

The ability of carpet to trap and hold particulates and moisture makes it a perfect environment for mold and other toxic substances to form, build up, and release back into the environment of your home. This is proven to cause asthma and other ailments. Many people are choosing to move away from carpet flooring, but if that is not an option, continuous cleaning is a must to protect the health of your family, especially in a house with pets and infants.

Saves Money

Rather than replacing your carpet every year or so, why not maintain it? Making your carpet last is just as simple as having it cleaned periodically and taking care to remove shoes on rainy days. If you want to save money on your homes carpeting, having a steam clean every three or four months will do wonders. Instead of polluting the environment with more unnecessary waste, preserve the integrity and life span of your carpet by taking care of it. Do it your self carpet cleaning will never compare to a professional service. The costumer is basically paying for the cleaning company’s years of expertise and access to state-of-the-art and expensive specialized equipment.

August 4, 2015

Oriental Rugs

Making sure that a person’s home always stays clean is a task that all homeowners have to face at some point. Having a clean carpet is one such example of keeping a tidy home, and a professional service can help out with that.


Coming to this residential rug center would be very beneficial to customers because we can guarantee that the task will be completed to customer expectations. Workers at the company have spent a lot of time properly learning about different types of rugs, their textures and respectively, what kind of substances are most effective in cleaning them since they have access to many rare cleaners. Because of their vast knowledge and experience in this department, they are able to get the job done as quickly as possible and also as efficiently as possible.

Another advantage of hiring someone from our residential rug cleaning company is that it takes the working burden off of the homeowner. Sometimes homeowners don’t know how to solve their problem right away, and so that’s where this company comes in. There is also the fact that some customers are unable to do the job due to their health condition or age because they may risk hurting or causing some extra stress on their bodies because of it. This is especially true of older customers or ones with physical disabilities that compromise their ability to do extra work. So in order to take off the heavy workload off of certain customers, our expertly-trained company workers will be available to get the job done while the homeowner can sit back and merely watch everything comfortably without having to lift a finger.

Yet another advantage of using a company to take on a rug-cleaning job is because it can be a very cost-effective ordeal. Trying to clean rugs yourself can be tiring and even expensive if homeowners don’t already have the necessary materials around at hand. With our company, however, not only can we do the job to match customer expectations, but it can also be done in a cost-efficient manner. Services can vary because of whatever the customer needs to have done, so costs will reflect that. However this can all be done in a way that both customers and workers can agree on a set price that doesn’t set homeowners back in their finances.  Rug cleaning is always a difficult process and you absolutely need someone to do the job correctly

July 13, 2015

Positive Benefits of Using Us As Your Residential Rug Cleaner


When it comes to the rugs in your home, you may vacuum them often and think that you’re getting them cleaned. After several months of doing just this to your rugs, you may find that they feel or even look dirty. You might touch the rug and it feels dirty and grimy to you, and this is a sign that it might be time to have those rugs professionally cleaned. Because your rugs probably get a lot of use and also you may have small children and pets who lay on the rug, it is essential that you allow our experts to clean them professionally for you.

The reason you will want to use us as your residential rug cleaning service is because we take the guesswork out of this project for you. We know that you probably live a very busy life and just do not have the time to deep clean your home’s rugs. You probably barely have enough time to go over them with a quick vacuum and so it is a good idea to leave the heavy work to us so that you know it’s getting done and yet you are not the one who is going to be doing it.  Rug Cleaning Indianapolis

Our experts come into your home when you need us to with our own special equipment. We can work diligently on the rugs inside of your home to ensure that they look and feel as clean as the day you bought them. We also work on a wide range of different rugs from the very plush and modern to the older low-pile rugs that might have been in your family for generations. There is no rug that is too big or small for us to work on, and this is what makes us a wonderful choice for your rug cleaning needs.

If you are looking to improve the look of your rugs and create a cleaner environment for your family, you need our experts to come in and get the job done. We work diligently on all types of rugs and can leave you feeling great about your home in general. This is what sets us apart from some of the other types of rugs on the market, so make sure that you contact us if you are in need of some good deep cleaning for your home’s rugs and do not want to deal with the hassle yourself.